Kop Hill Climb®

Fundraising for the local community

Festival on 21/22 September 2019


Kop Hill Climb was started in 1910 by a group of enthusiastic bikers wanting somewhere to run and show off their machines.  Some things simply never change and 108 years on, two hundred or more bikers will flock to celebrate the amazing feat of going fast and free with your feet up, balanced on two wheels.

2018 is the year of anniversaries. Triumph will be celebrating 110 years of manufacture and we’re likely to see some of those early bikes up the hill to mark their amazing history. We’ll also be focusing on the hundredth year since the ending of the First World War. That means great bikes like Douglas and Triumph that powered the dispatch riders. These highly vulnerable heroes are mostly now just a forgotten footnote in history yet they braved conditions that would daunt a modern day motocross rider. Mud, shells, frail machines as well as being a favourite target for the enemy.  Their chances of survival were not good.

Our fiftieth celebration moves us to happier times. For many the swinging 60’s were the golden age of British bikes like the Norton, BSA and Triumph. In 1968 Triumph launched the Trident and in September Kop Hill will come alive to the sounds of cursing and kick-starting, thrashing twins and megaphone pipes. But fifty years ago the wind of change was coming. 1968 also saw the launch of the Honda Dream and Yamaha DT neither of which may not have had the street credibility of a Bonneville but they ushered in a new era of easy to ride, nimble and reliable bikes that didn’t resurface your drive with Castrol.

Two hundred or more bikes are expected, ranging across a hundred plus years of mechanical chain, belt and shaft driven complexity.  And ridden, of course, with great brio by riders both young and old, once again turning our paddock into a veritable cacophony of two wheel history.