Kop Hill Climb Festival

Fundraising for the local community

15/16th September 2018

The Hill Climb “Run the Hill”

The Hill Climb

Run the Hill – Cars – One day booking – £45
Run the Hill – Cars – Weekend booking – £60
Car price includes one passenger.  Additional over 18 passenger is £15 on the day, and Under 18 is £5 on the day.  Under 5’s are free.  However, Early bird and advance tickets for additional passengers can be purchased at a reduced price via our tickets page.

Run the Hill – Bikes – One day booking – £20
Run the Hill – Bikes – Weekend booking – £30
Bike price is for rider only, no passengers please.

Entry price includes a souvenir Kop Hill Climb Festival event plate and programme.

For weekend bookings, post war vehicles run the hill one day and display on the other.  Hill runs on both days is by invitation only.

When booking please send us a photograph of your vehicle and spend some time describing it.  Applications without this information are unlikely to be selected.   The same information is passed on to our commentators to inform the crowds about your vehicle.

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