Kop Hill Climb®

Fundraising for the local community

24th /25th September 2022

Running the hill

Seeking to run the hill?

If you have a road-registered car or bike built between 1900 and 1982, or a more recent exotic, then 16,000 spectators would love to see you join the other 400 other drivers and riders in action on the hill in 2022. Untimed and non-competitive, it’s the perfect weekend to finish off the season. There’s all you’d expect and more at the UK’s best, most relaxed but action packed, classic vehicle festival. Although we are always oversubscribed all applications will be considered and the result communicated by the end of May.

Will your vehicle qualify?

Kop Hill accepts applications from applicants with vehicles up to 1982, with some priority for older ones. At the bottom of the page are links to our automated booking system. We do exhibit a few recent exotic vehicles too (e.g. super cars/bikes, those with a special technical interest or with a race history). If you think you can meet these stringent requirements, please send details to [email protected] You cannot use the automated system.

What do you get?

A morning and afternoon run up the hill.
Parking in the paddock with easy access to all the facilities, entertainment, activities for which the Kop Hill Festival is renowned.
Kop Hill Climb event plaque and Programme.
Pre-war vehicles can book for both days. Post-war vehicles are allowed only one day of hill runs even if they book for the weekend. This reflects the hill climb’s history which justifies the priority we give to older vehicles.
There are booking charges for adults and children travelling with you. If they are coming under their own steam please go to “Tickets” on our home page.

What Does it Cost?

For cars:
£55 on one day (including one passenger)
£75 on both days (including one passenger)

For bikes:
£25 for a bike on one day (rider only)
£40 for a bike on both days (rider only)

Austin 7 Cavalcade

To celebrate 100 years since the launch of the Austin 7 we have organised a cavalcade of up to forty Austin 7s that run the hill in sequence at the end of each morning session. Our regular prices are discounted because of the one run a day but the collection of so many cars of one make together should be spectacular.

How do I get selected?

Due to the popularity of Kop Hill Climb we are always oversubscribed. This means it is important that our Entrants Team get a photograph, brief details and any history of your vehicle to help our team make their decision. If you do not send these items do not be too surprised if you are not selected.
If you are unlucky on the first selection, why not apply for display? We run a standby list to cover for “No Shows”, so some display vehicles do get a second chance of a hill run.
If all else fails apply again next year when we start again.


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Pre-war cars and bikes get priority. It’s only fair as this is where it all started – and finished, when competitive events were banned in 1925!

Post War

Post-war cars and bikes. The vehicles most of us grew up with – this is fast becoming the most well-attended sector.