Kop Hill Climb Festival

Fundraising for the local community

21/22 September 2019


Since 1910 Kop Hill has seen the complete alphabet of cars on the hill.  Some roaring, some cruising and some puttering to the top.

You’ll witness fire-spitting aero-engined beasts lunging up the hill, then stroll across to the paddock for your first glimpse of the latest models up close and personal.  We go from steam to electric with just about every gasoline powered marque you can imagine inbetween.  At Kop Hill you can experience the weird, the wonderful, the fast and the first of their kind.  Marvel at a Marlborough, be charmed by a Chalmers or perhaps size up a Sizaire Freres.

Our entrants come in three invited categories. Veteran and Vintage from 1900 to the 1930’s.  Post-War era vehicles which runs up to 1978.  And finally more modern cars that are either crowd pleasing, rare or significant and in many cases all three.

We love to celebrate special occasions and invite cars with big birthdays such as those launched fifty or a hundred years ago.

2018 brings the 100th anniversary of the Great War ending and will see cars and vehicles from this era. Fifty years on we celebrate anniversaries like the Ferrari Daytona and Dino, milestone cars like the Ford Escort and its impact in rallying as well as cars from Lamborghini, Morgan, Ginetta, Alfa Romeo and many more.

Seventy years ago the London Motor show witnessed the launch two such seminal cars. The very first Land Rover and the ground breaking Jaguar XK120.

With 800 cars and bikes that run the hill or are on display you are sure to expect the unexpected at Kop Hill Festival 2018.