Kop Hill Climb®

Fundraising for the local community

Festival on 19/20 September 2020


In 2020 it’ll be 110 years since local residents, competitors, friends and mechanics first witnessed timed runs up Kop Hill. The first year involved just motorcycles, an anniversary we intend to celebrate. One year on and the first cars came – and what cars! A veritable alphabet of cars took to the hill: some roaring, some cruising and some puttering to the top.

In 2020, you’ll witness many of those same beasts charging up the hill, as well as the latest exotic models up close and personal.  Since we reintroduced the event, we’ve seen it all, steam, electric and just about every gasoline-powered marque you can name.  At Kop Hil, you can experience the weird, the wonderful, the fast and the first of their kind.

There are three invited categories. Veteran and Vintage from 1900 to the 1930’s, post-War era vehicles up to 1980 and more modern cars that are either crowd pleasing, rare or significant or, in many cases, all three.